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Healthy White Chocolate Recipe

So here is my promised White Choc recipe, I make this treat when I want to indulge but not feel guilty about it! 
It is so simple and only takes minutes to make although some of the ingredients may be tricky to find so I will include the brands and some links, but you can improvise with some alternatives.
My favourite part of this treat is how the raspberries stay crunchy and crisp, so so yummy!
1/2 cup of Cacao butter ( loving earth )
2 tbs of maple sugar (can use syrup too, but it can stay a bit sticky in places) Rapadura sugar would work too
2 pieces of lemon peel
1/4 tsp of cinnamon
1/4 tsp powdered ginger
small handful freeze dried raspberries or any dried fruit up like
small handful activated almonds chopped
sprinkle of smoked salt or flaked sea salt
place all the ingredients in a small pot and heat over very gentle heat, ( use a double boiler if your stove doesn't have a very low setting ) the sugar will not dissolve totally, but stays nice and crunchy when it is set. 
get a shallow square dish place baking paper in the bottom that overlaps the edges so the liquid cant run out,  place the raspberries and almonds in a 3rd of the dish leaving the last third empty.
Remove the lemon peel from the liquid, and pour it gently over the almonds and raspberries, leave on counter for a few minute, sprinkle the salt over the last section, put in the fridge to set, once set break into rough pieces, and keep store in the container in the fridge.
enjoy xo